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Bomb Explodes After Police Find Arms Cache in Van

July 4, 1995

MONTREAL (AP) _ A bomb exploded Tuesday outside a suburban shopping mall as a police robot tried to defuse it near a stolen van that was loaded with dynamite and firearms.

The explosion sent shards of metal flying into nearby buildings and shattered store windows, but no injuries were reported.

Investigators suspected the bomb and weapons were related to a feud between motorcycle gangs for control of the city’s illegal drug trade, said police spokesman Lt. Normand Couillard.

The van was stolen from McGill University in January. Inside it, police found 122 sticks of dynamite, 50 detonators, two sawed-off shotguns, two machine guns and four submachine guns.

The bomb, found inside the van, was moved to the pavement. It went off after explosives experts used a robot to try to defuse it.

Witnesses said a 15-pound hunk of metal flew through the wall of a house about four blocks away. A television and stereo system in another house were smashed by other debris.

The robot was reduced to a twisted hunk of metal.

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