Letters To The Editor 11/15/2018

November 15, 2018


What caravan?

Editor: The election has come and gone.

What’s also apparently come and gone is the presidential hysteria over the supposed invasion. Yes, the mob of muggers, rapists, thieves, Islamic State members and pool boys from Central America no longer seems to cause concern for the White House. Anyone who gave even a bit of credibility to the sham claim of an invasion should be ashamed.

Once again many good Americans were shamelessly played by the Republican Party.

The next manufactured border crisis will, I predict, coincide with primary elections in 2020. By then the faithful will have forgotten all about this sham invasion the same way that people forgot about the phony migrant invasion this past spring.

In two years the real issues our country will face, I can’t say. But I’m sure Republicans again will practice their well-honed policy of distraction and misdirection.

Does there come a time when you’ve finally cry wolf and no one believes you? I certainly hope so.




Selective solution

Editor: When a person is sick, he goes to a licensed doctor for treatment. When a person needs income tax help, she goes to a certified public accountant.

By contrast, looking at the Scranton School Board, which oversees a large budget and is responsible for the education of thousands of students, sometimes high school dropouts call the shots.

This sad state of affairs rests squarely on the citizens of Scranton who show complete disregard for the future of the city’s young people by electing people of this caliber to the school board. In order to prevent this situation in the future, there should be a requirement that only Scranton residents who possess at least a four-year college degree in education or finance and must have children or grandchildren enrolled in the district should be eligible to serve on the school board.

Maybe then the board will find ways to solve the severe budget problem and suggest new and innovative approaches to have Scranton students pass the state proficiency tests.




Sorrow for tragedy

Editor: I am an 85-year-old Catholic who is saddened by the mass murder in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

I grew up in Scranton in a very Jewish neighborhood near Temple Israel. I observed their faithful observance of Hebrew customs in times of holidays and sorrow. My mother sent Passover cards to all of our Jewish neighbors.

In my adult life, as I struggled to establish the Scranton Primary Health Center, several of my most-trusted mentors were prominent Jewish leaders. Attorney Morey Myers, for instance, provided valuable legal services for free. The health center, now 40 years old, has provided 900,000 medical and dental services to the public, especially to those who are poor.

This has been a truly ecumenical endeavor with the essential effort of my Jewish friends and others.

Again, I express sorrow to those who lost loved ones in the Pittsburgh shooting. Life can be beautiful and people can work together and live together peacefully and care for one another.




Trump pro-Jewish

Editor: Sondra Myers is a wonderful and caring local citizen and she is absolutely

correct: “Abhorrent rhetoric sets the stage for unspeakable acts.”

Unfortunately, she only tells half the story. Rep. Maxine Waters said about President Trump’s Cabinet members: “Tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.” Former Attorney General Eric Holder said, “When they go low, we kick them.” Robert De Niro said of Trump, “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Madonna said, “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

As for the Jewish people, Trump is the most pro-Jewish president we have ever had. Just ask Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Part of the reason Trump won the 2016 election was because the Democrats offered a very flawed candidate. I would like to see Myers defend Hillary Clinton’s actions against Bill Clinton’s accusers and the bleaching of computer evidence. Not telling the whole story is a form of fake news.



Bird’s big potential

Editor: The man who played Big Bird on Sesame Street for nearly 50 years retired in October.

Maybe Big Bird will make a White House run someday. If he wins, it won’t be the first time we had a tall, dopey-looking leader with an orange beak who talks at a fifth-grade level.

And if Big Bird chooses presidential sycophant Kanye West as his running mate, they could call themselves the “West Wing ticket.”




Keep the faith

Editor: Anger and disgust are justified but should not cause Catholics to turn away from the church.

The church is not its abusive priests. It is the assembly of God’s people with good and faithful priests offering the holy sacrifice of the Mass. Those who abused their priestly authority will be judged by God and hopefully by civil and church authorities.

The faith and salvation of Catholics does not depend on the worthiness of another.

People should remain steadfast and practice their faith as Jesus has revealed it. Pray for all the leaders of the church that the Holy Spirit will guide them to put remedies in place to deal with the scandalous behavior.



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