Orchids and Onions: Friday, August 10, 2018

August 11, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Paula at Smith’s deli for great customer service and being a very good person.

Orchids to the backhoe operator (sorry I didn’t get your name) who spotted the water. The meter reader shut off my water and tagged the door. Craig Plumbing repaired the leak before it became another Jamestown flood.

Orchids to the cashiers and baggers that treat your several $100 purchases well. Onions to those that throw your food across the registers like they are bowling. You know who you are.

Orchids to India Spice’s diverse touch to the Havasu restaurant scene which has been lacking. Love the buffet. Good food. Gracious hosts. We’ll be back for more.

Orchids to the movie “Mamma Mia.” If you are down in the dumps, it will lift your soul. I know one person who went to see it three times, it made her feel so good. I saw it twice.

Onions to my provider. Didn’t have the guts to raise my rate almost $25 in one shot so you raised it three months in a row.

Orchids to Guy Lawrence of the Desert Hills Fire Department who saved my life when a storm came upon Lake Havasu while boating. I’ll always remember your hand reaching in to pull me from the treacherous water and saving me when the current was pulling me down. Barbara B.

Onions to the store where the clerks and baggers carry on full personal conversations and ignore customers. It is unbelievably rude. Manager, these folks are ripe for training.

Orchids to Tammy at Miracle Ear. A company could not ask for a more efficient and pleasant employee.

Orchids to Chuck and the others in his boat who helped Karen get back on the Jet Ski.

Orchids to Jenny, Albertson’s cake decorator. She is an asset to the bakery. The kids at Calvary Baptist love her colorful birthday mini cupcakes every month. She is also, courteous, funny and humble and she remembers my name. Good job young lady, keep up the good work.

Orchids to Heavenly Buddies for saving another senior dog! We followed Jake on Facebook. Great job you do for our community. Thank you!

Orchids to India Spice and Bar. Consistently great Indian food that rivals any big city. Definitely worth it; will return. Prices are within reason. D and J

Orchids to Dr. Larry Lundin and dental assistant Sherri for diligence and courtesy during an emergency dental crown procedure. Their professionalism is highly commendable!

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