sound Off Donna Sillo Socci What are inexpensive ways to prepare a house for sale?

July 30, 2018

Preparing a house for sale can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes the appropriate approach is to take simple, affordable steps to get your house ready for the market. Here are a few things to consider that won’t break the bank:

Spruce up the exterior: Many buyers will do a drive by to check out homes before a showing. Be sure your lawn and driveway are well maintained and look inviting. If needed, take the time to power wash the exterior of your house and/or walkways and replace any dying plants and shrubs with flowers.

Bring in the light: Buyers are always looking for bright and cheerful homes. Have your windows cleaned and pull back the curtains or roll up the blinds. Another useful tip: up the wattage of your light bulbs. This can make a world of difference.

Easy updates and repairs: Consider a fresh, neutral coat of paint to spruce up any rooms that appear dated. Clean the grout in your bathrooms and kitchen. If old, replace the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, light fixtures and faucets. It’s also always a good idea to fix that annoying leaky faucet or toilet before the buyer notices there’s an issue. These small fixes can make a huge impact.

Depersonalize and declutter: Remove knick-knacks, photos and keepsakes. This will allow buyers to more easily picture themselves living in the home. Also, consider removing unneeded furniture to make rooms feel more open. Making your house feel uncluttered is key.

Be ready to show: Your home should be ready to show always. This means beds made, dishes put away and toys out of sight. Also, be sure you have a plan for your cat or dog. You never know when you will get the call for a showing.

While none of these steps cost a lot, they each can make a big, positive impact on potential buyers.

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