NC State student: Man tried to force himself into her dorm room

April 1, 2019

Campus police at North Carolina State University issued a warning to students overnight after a reported encounter in a residence hall.

According to a statement issued by police, a female student reported a man following her into her dorm building around 4 p.m. Sunday at Sullivan Hall, located on campus at 2921 Thurman Drive.

The student said the man told her he was waiting for his friend but then grabbed the door handle in an attempt to enter her dorm room. The student said she was able to close the door, and the man left.

Campus police released surveillance photos of the suspect, who was described as a black man in his twenties. The student described the man as about 6 feet tall and weighing anywhere from 180 to 200 pounds. He was wearing a dark blue Champion sweatsuit, a dark blue UNC T-shirt, a dark hoodie and a hat.

Anyone with information is asked to call university police at 919-515-3000.