A man and his boat, emotional journey on father’s former boat

July 29, 2018

Glen Cathers continued his journey on Lake Michigan in his restored 36-foot Motor Lifeboat heading from Coast Guard Station Ludington — where he moored his boat overnight — to Coast Guard Station Manistee on Wednesday.

Traveling the Great Lakes, Cathers, now 77, spent seven years restoring the boat his father was stationed on during his time at Point Adams lifesaving station in the mid- to late-1930s. Point Adams is located at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon.

“My father joined the Coast Guard in 1936,” Cathers said. “I have pictures of my father on this very boat in 1938.”

Cathers said the lifeboat, built in 1934 in Curtis Bay, Maryland, served its whole career at Point Adams.

The 36-foot boat is piloted entirely from an open cockpit. When in operation, its crew members were exposed to the elements.

Once the boats were decommissioned, many of them were burned by the Coast Guard, according to Cathers.

Cathers said that finding this boat still afloat was a minor miracle. The fact that many of them were burned by the Coast Guard probably saved this participator boat, he said.

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