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Names In The Game

May 17, 1991

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ How slow was Pittsburgh rocker B.E. Taylor’s rendition of the ″Star Spangled Banner″ before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final Wednesday night?

″They had the crowd going and that guy took the momentum away from them,″ Minnesota’s Brian Bellows said after the North Stars’ 5-4 victory. ″He set a record for the anthem.″

Taylor took 2 1/2 minutes to complete the anthem, longer than it takes most singers to sing both the Canadian and U.S. anthems.


NEW YORK (AP) - Even though they’re listed among the 12 underclassmen who have applied for early entry in the NBA draft, Raoul Hutchens of Whittier and Ty Moseler of Wisconsin-Waukesha didn’t exactly get strong votes of confidence from there college coaches.

″He’s not an NBA quality player,″ Whittier coach Dave Jacobs said Thursday of Hutchens, who averaged 3.9 points and 2.4 rebounds as a sixth man. ″He’s going to law school.

″It was a lark. He never thought it would go this far,″ Jacobs said. ″He was flattered in the beginning that he got a letter back from the NBA and that commissioner David Stern called him about it. But now he’s embarrassed.″

Moseler averaging 12 points and 11 assists per game, but Wisconsin-Waukesha coach Neal Nelson said: ″He’s pulling somebody’s leg. He’s a good junior college player, but he’s not a Division I player and you’ve got to be a great Division I player to make it in the NBA.″


MONTREAL (AP) - Former Quebec Nordiques and New York Rangers coach Michel Bergeron, who had a heart attack almost six months ago - acknowledges that he’s taking better care of himself. However, it hasn’t been easy.

″I’m finding the rehabilitation extremely difficult,″ said Bergeron, who has returned to his job as a talk show host on CKAC Radio. ″I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes and drink at least 25 cups of coffee a day. And when I liked a meal, I devoured it and came back for seconds. I have a passion for everything I do.″

Bergeron, who turns 45 next month, has quit smoking, gets to bed earlier and is faithful in taking his daily medication. He usually watches what type of food he eats, and when he doesn’t there are spies who do it for him.

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