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Man Builds $30,000 Backyard Pool & Patio - On City Land

June 29, 1989

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) _ A man who built a $30,000 swimming pool and patio behind his house may have to dig it all up because it’s not in his back yard.

David Brady, a real estate developer, said the pool is less than 25 feet from his house and he assumed the Manchester Water Works’ fence at an adjoining reservoir was the boundary line.

But he had the property surveyed after construction started, and found out the pool was on the water department’s land.

″I’d make him yank it out. Or open it up to the public,″ was Building Commissioner Armand Gaudreault’s first reaction Wednesday. Brady said the pool couldn’t be opened to the public because there is no access.

The commissioners said they would try to decide next month what to do, with three possible options: sell Brady the 7,500-square-foot tract, lease it to him, or have him remove the patio and pool.

Brady said he’d be happy to lease the land.

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