UCF transfer Neal got a dose of Husker history sitting next to Frost for Wistrom/Peter speech

August 29, 2018

Tre Neal has seen Scott Frost both as a Florida resident and the head coach of Central Florida and now as a Nebraska resident and the head coach at his alma mater.

The Nebraska graduate transfer safety played in every game Frost coached in Orlando and now has locked up one of two starting safety spots here in his final season of eligibility.

Neal’s only been here since early August, so he’s not exactly fully indoctrinated in Husker history. But he knows an amped up coach when he sees one.

[ WATCH: Tre Neal speaks at Monday’s news conference ]

“I think I first saw it when Grant Wistrom and Jason Peter came to talk to us,” Neal said. “At UCF he talked about those guys but we didn’t really know too much about them, just from being down south. He spoke very highly of them there, but actually getting to see when they came (to Lincoln) and to see the fire that they brought, you could see that passion in (Frost)’s eyes.

“I sit in the back so he sits kind of next to me and I looked over at him and you could see the fire in his eyes when those guys were speaking. It was just different. That was the first time I saw how much it means to him to be back here.”

Frost agreed that seeing his former teamamtes speak to the team midway through camp provided an energy jolt.

“When you’re away from guys like that for a while you forget how much passion there is,” Frost said. “Grant and Jason’s passion for Nebraska football was evident even the other day. It’s inspiring to be around that kind of passion, guys that care that much, guys that are willing to lay it on the line that much.

“Maybe it’s just the past coming back to me, but they pushed my buttons, I was ready to play after I listened to them talk and I think a lot of guys took their talk to heart.”

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