What is a REAL ID? Pa., N.J. prepare to follow federal security requirements.

October 9, 2018

A sign at the federal courthouse in Tacoma, Wash., informs visitors of the federal REAL ID act.

By Staff

In two years, any Pennsylvania or New Jersey resident who wants to board a domestic flight or enter a federal building must show either a passport or get a new ID card that meets federal post-9/11 security requirements, and Pennsylvania and New Jersey officials say they are preparing for a deluge of ID requests leading up to the deadline.

The two states are among 15 that do not yet comply with the REAL ID act, which Congress passed in 2005 to set uniform security standards for identification cards as recommended by the 9/11 Commission. All 15 have been granted extensions, but Oct. 1, 2020, is the firm deadline for U.S. residents to have identification with the same descriptive information, machine-readable technology, and security features.

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