New Products and Services Debut at the East Coast’s Largest Advanced Design and Manufacturing Event

June 5, 2018

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The East Coast’s largest advanced design and manufacturing event today announced 14 exhibitors will debut new products and services at this year’s event, which will feature over 750 leading suppliers. The event is comprised of six shows that span across various related industries, including Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East, EastPack, Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M) East, PLASTEC East and Quality Expo. All shows take place in conjunction from June 12 – 14, 2018, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York and will host more than 8,000 attendees across the six co-located events. To register for a media pass please visit: newyork.am.ubm.com/2018/registrations/Media

“As an organization, we want to help foster new business and unprecedented innovation across all of the industries we serve. It’s great to have a platform to allow the debut of industry-changing products and services,” said Nina Brown, vice president of events, UBM. “We are thrilled with the robust roster of companies that have chosen to showcase their latest and greatest at the event.”

Below is a preview of products and services to be announced at the event:

3M (booth 1703) will exhibit the latest in adhesive technology that enables medical device innovation. The “Find My Adhesive” product selector tool, will be on display for viewing and demoing—as well as examples of the latest device adhesives and sterilization advancements. Some of 3M’s experts will also be onsite answer additional questions.

Afinia Label (booth 2167) is announcing two new label printers, the L501 and L901. The L501 can utilize both pigment and dye-based inks and produces vibrant, colorful, and durable labels. The L901 was designed for higher-volume use in roll-to-roll or inline applications, such as with a label press, finisher, applicator or dispenser.

AGC Chemicals Americas (booth 2046) introduces Amolea™ AT2, a fluorinated precision cleaning solvent that provides medical device manufacturers a safer, highly effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvents. Amolea AT2 has no ozone depletion potential, low global warming potential and is non-flammable, enabling manufacturers to more easily meet environmental regulations.

AP Lazer (booth 425) will exhibit large format laser machines perfect for business applications as well as showcase its patented open architecture design, making it possible to engrave/cut objects regardless of size or weight. This unique laser technology is for those seeking to streamline processes, cut costs and surpass competitors.

ATEQ Corp. (booth 1449) will be showing off its latest leak/flow testing instruments and discuss the current trends of leak testing in the medical manufacturing industry. ATEQ specializes in pressure decay air leak testing methods but also has instruments that measure component leaks using mass flow, electrical and tracer gas technologies.

Instron® (booth 1463) will be demonstrating the next generation of materials testing software, Bluehill® Universal. Built from the ground-up for touch interaction, Bluehill Universal boasts many advanced capabilities, such as pre-loaded test methods, QuickTest in seconds, Instron Connect for support requests and enhanced data exporting options.

KOHZU Precision Co., Ltd. (booth 2071) is launching its new compact 3-axis & 6-axis Precision Motion Solutions ideals for alignment and assembly as well as a new line of precision long travel linear stages with higher speeds. Configuration upgrades include rotary encoders or linear encoders, servo motors or alternative materials.

Lactips (booth 2362) is announcing its development and manufacture of a bioplastic made of milk protein. This new raw material has been created to reduce pollution and replace the oil-based plastics. Lactips’ innovation is patented and maintains numerous properties: water-soluble, biodegradable, bio-based, printable and edible.

PAC Machinery (booth 2121) is introducing PVT Med, a fully validatable medical vacuum sealer designed to comply with the stringent guidelines of ISO 11607 terminally sterile packaging requirements. PVT Med is a compact tabletop sealer intended for medical and other industrial applications where control of process parameters is critical and seal validation is critical.

Plitek LLC (booth 1847) will showcase its comprehensive set of medical converting product solutions. Capabilities include: prototyping, film extrusion, adhesive coating, custom release liner coating, surface treatment, laminating, slitting, die-cutting, pouching and packaging.

ProSafe Inc. (booth 2466), are Machine Safety Experts from Port Huron Michigan providing third party non-biased Risk Assessment and Safeguarding Audits. ProSafe will be showcasing details on how customer’s machine safety can be approved to meet ANSI and ISO Safeguarding Standards.

Radian Laser Systems LLC (booth 1470) is proud to announce its RL-GD3-FXX-X Large Frame Enclosed Desktop 3D Fiber LASER system. This highly advanced system features 3-axis, 3D marking and engraving, MOPA LASER technology, advanced auto-focusing, easy to use software, removable doors, optional work station with integrated fume extraction and computer/monitor capabilities.

RND Automation & Engineering LLC (booth 1865) and MDC Packaging Machinery, a Div. of RND, will be showcasing the HFFS Kanga Poucher and MiniPack thermoformer, both fully automated with robotics, for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The small footprints are highly flexible and provide validation, printing and UDI.

Seiwa Optical America Inc. (booth 533) is introducing a Next Generation Profile Projector. Applications include mass (production) quality and incoming inspections. Customers can increase the number of quotas and quality check rate, up to 16000 checking features in a few seconds. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples to test.

Advanced Manufacturing New York is proud to partner with the following associations for its 2018 event: American Mold Builders Association, Flexible Packaging Association, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

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