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Suburban Angst Quotes

September 24, 2006

The view from suburban Philadelphia voters about politics and politicians:

``I think the Republicans have done a lot of things that have disappointed their core constituency over the past several years as a result of what’s happened in Iraq, the war against terrorism. The skyrocketing deficit is really creating a problem, and it’s not something you typically expect to see in a Republican administration.″ _ Matt Meyer, 36, an attorney and independent voter from Doylestown, Pa.

``I don’t think houses should cost as much as they do now.″ _ Aquil Starks, 33, a paralegal from Philadelphia. The father of two commutes daily to Conshohocken, Pa., for work. He said he is considering moving because of crime and the quality of public schools.

Saddam Hussein ``had his own issues, but he did not cause 9/11. I think we’re in there for the wrong reasons. It has to do with money and oil and all that kind of stuff.″ _ Ginny McGovern, 42, a Democrat and mother of two from Doylestown.

``I don’t know what you do to fix it.″ _ Kristine Hook, 30, a certified public accountant and registered Republican from Manayunk, Pa., speaking about the Iraq war.

``I would vote otherwise if there was a better candidate on the other side, but I haven’t seen one in a while.″ _ Terry Hill, 57, of Conshohocken, speaking of Democrats. Hill, a Republican, is the Philadelphia director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

``When it comes down to it, I want a leader who I can trust and a leader who is going to at least be honest about his mistakes.″ _ Jeffrey Alpart, 26, a Democrat and speech therapist from Warrington, Pa.

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