Crow infestation is a serious health concern

February 6, 2019

Greetings: Forgive me if I’ve missed previous comments regarding the ever-increasing problem with crows in Rochester (I must be buying the Post Bulletin on the wrong days). But, the infestation of the crow population in this city is no longer just a nuisance... it has become a serious health concern.

Have you seen the swarms of crows in the downtown area in the evenings? Suffice it to say, there are places where you dare not park (First Avenue by the Salvation Army Warming Center for example). Their droppings are way more than Rochester Public Works can keep up with, and they terrorize small birds and squirrels wherever they congregate.

In our neighborhood (Viking Dr. N.W.), the crows swoop down on any food items we put out for the birds and squirrels (no matter now many times we scare them off). Have you seen the wing-span of an average crow? When they first take flight, it must be close to 4 feet! (The deer, which come through this area almost nightly, are about the only creatures the crows respect).

Thank you for your concern, and please let me know if there’s a plan in place to rid the city this Black Plague once and for all.

Bruce G. Closway, Rochester

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