World’s Greatest Videos (WGVS) Announces $50,000 Prize for 2018; Showcasing Larger Prizes and More Ways to Win in 2019

December 5, 2018

SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2018 / What do “Deer Versus Dog Races,” “Toddler Mispronunciations,” and “Roof Top Jumps” have in common? They are all subjects of leading contenders in the World’s Greatest Videos (WGVS) soft launch contest, which ends Dec. 31, 2018.

WGVS is the first global, viral video contest with an app-driven countdown and big prize game show format. By providing major and minor prizes to user-driven, user-ranked short-form videos, the company is capitalizing on a growing trend: the steady migration of Gen Z and Millennials from traditional television viewing to app engagement on any screen.

Although the subject matter of videos submitted to WGVS is often lighthearted, the prize money is not. The top winner at the end of December will receive $50,000. And, although the grand prize purse for 2019 is top secret until Jan. 1, company leadership believes it will be enough to create a global groundswell of submissions.

“We’re ready,” says James Allen, CEO of the San Antonio-based company. “After spending years on research and development, focus groups, brand creation, and technology testing, we’re proud to showcase the world’s best videos, and start paying people for a pastime they enjoy anyway!”

To refer to video posting and viewing as a “pastime” is an understatement by Allen. With YouTube boasting some five billion video viewings daily, the anticipated interest in a company that pays for outstanding submissions should prove keen.

At WGVS, user-submitted videos are voted on by the WGVS community; and, the videos with the most votes win cash prizes weekly, monthly and yearly. When the countdown for each contest hits zero, winners are recognized, and the clocks reset. Competitors make videos and choose categories like sports, style, wins and more. Once watching and voting starts, they win by ranking up.

“When we first launched the site, some visitors thought it was too good to be true,” says Makayla Allen, WGVS president. “But, now that we’ve had 10 weekly winners, a monthly winner and have announced our $50,000 soft launch grand prize, seeing is believing!”

Just ask George Anna Hurley, who recently won $800 on WGVS for her video, Cat or Racoon? “It’s so easy and fun to win money. And all you have to do is submit videos!” says Hurley. “So why not?”

While fun is a big part of the equation at WGVS, founders also believe they have an important role to play in making internet content, experiences and feedback a more positive experience. When ranking videos, users choose from among several positive reactions. If they do not like a certain video, they simply do not vote for it.

“Because there is so much negative content on the internet, WGVS has built a family-friendly, positive feedback, social ecosystem,” says Rita Mort, Executive Vice President of Marketing. “We’re fostering a global community where users from all cultures can come together on an engaging and level playing field.”

Additionally, CEO Allen says this is just the beginning. “At the stroke of midnight GMT on Jan. 1, 2019, the world will experience something it has never seen before,” Allen said. “We will have a worldwide launch of WGVS, and the announcement of unprecedented big prize money and ways to win. Instead of watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve this year, I’d watch the WGVS website!”

To register for the WGVS community and start submitting your favorite videos, visit http://wgvs.com/.

World’s Greatest Videos (WGVS) is a global technology company, entertainment platform and brand. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the continuous, WGVS short video competition rewards talent across all cultures with recognition and major cash prices. WGVS is the only social video platform where people across the globe share and compete together - a destination and community where empowering discovery, visual communication, creativity, learning and laughter are shared by viewers and members who prove, through their lens, that “Talent Has No Borders.”

For additional information, please contact Rita Mort, Executive Vice President of Marketing, at 214-604-9058, or .

SOURCE: World’s Greatest Videos

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