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Burial Saturday for Slain Reggae Star

September 25, 1987

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) _ Reggae star Peter Tosh will lie in state Friday at the National Arena and be buried Saturday in a family plot in his hometown Belmont in the western province of Westmoreland.

Tosh, 42, and two friends were shot to death at his home Sept. 11 by a robbers.

Unemployed handyman Dennis Lobban has been arrested and charged with three counts of murder, robbery, illegal possession of a firearm, and four counts of attempted murder. Police are seeking two other suspects.

Agreement was reached Wednesday night between Tosh’s mother and his girlfriend, Andrea Marlene Brown, about burial arrangements. Ms. Brown, who lived with Tosh for years, gave up her efforts to bury him at Dovecot Memorial Park outside the capital Kingston.

Ms. Brown claimed that Tosh’s mother, Alveira Coke, keeps pigs in the yard where she plans to bury Tosh and that it would be sacrilegious to Tosh’s Rastafarian beliefs to bury him there. Rastafarians do not eat pork and consider the pig an unclean animal.

The Rev. Kes Estisanus of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church will celebrate a service of thanksgiving Saturday at the National Arena before Tosh’s body is taken to Belmont, 100 miles west of the capital. Tosh’s former group ″Word, Sound and Power″ will play a selection of his songs.

Tosh, Bob Marley and Neville Livingstone in 1963 formed the group ″The Wailers″ that catapulted reggae’s driving rhythms from Kingston’s slums to international stages.

Tosh, who was born Winston Herbert MacIntosh, left ″The Wailers″ in 1973. He perhaps was best known outside Jamaica for his collaboration with Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger on the Smokey Robinson song, ″(You Got to) Walk and Don’t Look Back.″

Tosh was nominated for a Grammy in 1985 for his album, ″Captured Live.″

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