Famous on social media, Raleigh cat looks perpetually peeved

May 24, 2019

There’s not much of anything that makes Tucker the cat happy.

“Being left alone is probably his best moment of the day,” said his owner, Ron Kirk.

Tucker, 22, doesn’t look particularly happy in photographs, but he has 8,610 followers on his Instagram page, “Oak City Kitty.”

He and Kirk live in downtown Raleigh, and they’ll often stroll Fayetteville Street during lunchtime.

Literally – Tucker has a stroller as a sweet ride.

“He’s an old man,” Kirk said. The cat — part Maine Coon, part tabby, according to his Instagram page — has arthritis and some heart issues, Kirk said.

“He’s just tired of people,” Kirk said. “He’s just tired of it all.”

A 22-year-old cat is close to being 100 in human years.

Sometimes Tucker and Kirk will go to the State Capitol, and sometimes they’ll go to the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

“If you work downtown or live downtown, you either know Tucker or know someone that knows Tucker,” Kirk said.

He’s not entirely sure how Tucker got so many Instagram followers, Kirk said.

He thinks it’s a combination of his generally unimpressed face, his attitude and his age.

“It’s the perfect storm,” Kirk said. “You don’t see a cat like him walking down the street. You don’t see a cat this old, and you don’t see a cat with this sort of attitude who takes it out on people on social media.”

“He writes it all; I just proofread it,” Kirk added.

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