Letter to the editor: No cloaked intentions on immigrant letter

November 12, 2018

Regarding Dr. Amesh Adalja’s response (“Immigrants & disease op-ed misinterpreted,” Sept. 25, TribLIVE) to recent letters about his op-ed (“Undocumented immigrants, open borders are not an infectious disease risk,” Sept. 10, TribLIVE): While I realize he was writing only about infectious diseases, that is still something that a normal vetting process would screen for.

There was no “cloaked true intention” in my letter (“Enemies the real border risk,” Sept. 23, TribLIVE). I am not blue-eyed and blond, and it had nothing to do with race -- just a simple statement of fact about the characteristics of the majority who come from Central America and those who inhabit the areas of our enemies. That doesn’t mean others with different physical traits couldn’t do us harm as well.

My whole intention was to not gloss over any reason for ensuring the security of our nation. It is enforced on every legal citizen whenever we try to enter most government buildings and sporting events, travel by air, and for numerous other reasons. It is a known fact that with the innocents coming for work or refuge are drug dealers, drug mules, rapists, gang members, murderers and God knows who else.

Anyone who doesn’t support ensuring the security of our nation, which includes the safety of their own family, is either a fool or delusional.

James Chrisner

Mt. Pleasant Township

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