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Gores Heading to Virginia Suburbs

January 17, 2001

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) _ Not many people looking for work could afford to live in the prosperous Oakcrest neighborhood, but Vice President Al Gore is no ordinary hard-luck story.

The Gores will return as early as Friday to the half-million-dollar brick Tudor-style house where they lived while he served in Congress. Tipper Gore grew up in the house built by her grandfather in 1938.

A family spokeswoman said the Gores are moving back to the northern Virginia suburbs primarily because Albert III, the youngest of their four children, is a senior at the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington.

``It’s very much a home to them,″ Camille Johnston said.

For the past eight years the Gores have lived in the government’s official residency for the vice president on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Washington.

Residents of the tiny Arlington cul-de-sac are welcoming them back.

``He’s a good neighbor,″ said Klaus Hirtes, a retired United Airlines employee who has lived across the street for 26 years. Hirtes said Gore popped up in the old neighborhood a few weeks ago, just after conceding the presidential election.

As the Gores vacationed in Aspen, Colo., Tuesday, the house was swarming with aides, cleaners and other workers.

Down the street, a moving van unloaded the belongings of Gore’s brother-in-law, Frank Hunger, who had rented the Gores’ home while they were in the vice president’s mansion. Now that they’re back, Hunger has been bumped to a house down the block.

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