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Report: No Fingerprints of First Lady, Top Aides Prints on FBI Files

November 3, 1996

NEW YORK (AP) _ A fingerprint analysis of FBI personnel files improperly obtained by the White House turned up no evidence the files were touched by Hillary Rodham Clinton or top presidential aides, The New York Times reported Sunday.

The Senate Judiciary Committee asked for the analysis last month after Republicans on the panel accused the White House of compiling the files for use as an enemies list.

The White House says it was nothing more than a bureaucratic blunder and acknowledged the files _ many on Republicans from previous administrations _ should not have been sought.

An analysis confirmed the files had been handled by Craig Livingstone, the former White House personnel security chief, and others involved in the files search, officials told The Times. The White House has said Livingstone acted on his own.

Those whose fingerprints were compared with those on the documents included the first lady, former chief of staff Thomas McClarty III, current chief of staff Leon Panetta and aides George Stephanopolous and Harold Ickes. No top aides’ fingerprints were found.

The report of the analysis was given to the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday and not made public.

The analysis found several unidentified fingerprints. The FBI said it was not clear if further investigation would reveal any evidence that senior administration officials had touched the documents.

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