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Guy Laroche creates intergalactic sports skirt

September 25, 2013

PARIS (AP) — Futuristic looks played a major part in Guy Laroche’s spring-summer show, which put a spin on designer Marcel Marongiu’s signature male styles.

“I was trying to stretch boundaries for masculine and feminine; also there was something a bit science-fiction in the shapes,” said Marongiu after the show’s in Paris Grand Palais.

The result was a Paris collection with some great ideas, but one that seemed to lack energy overall in its 42 looks.

High notes were a series of sporty skirts that could be described as intergalactic tennis-wear. Cut on the bias, the techo-fabric had a voluminous and exaggerated natural flounce — appearing to float upward as it would in zero-gravity.

The science-fiction theme continued with an all-white shattered glass-effect zipper jacket and crossover top. It was achieved with fastidiously hand-sewn pieces of leather.

However, the gray fringing details that appeared on several ensembles and the white shirt and black masculine-tailored pant looks didn’t feel very fresh.

Marongiu, it seems, worked best in zero-gravity.


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