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Bodies Fill Kiev’s Central Morgue During Strike

December 4, 1995

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) _ Dozens of bodies filled the halls of Ukraine’s central morgue Monday during a six-hour work stoppage by employees demanding more money from the Kiev city government.

``We ordered our workers to stop work on all bodies coming in from Kiev until the city administration agreed to help finance the morgue,″ administrator Valery Selin said.

Piles of bodies filled the basement hallways of the morgue building, which has a capacity of 72 corpses. More than 100 bodies were in the building by Monday morning.

Morgue managers want Kiev to pay a share of the facility’s costs because most of the bodies it handles come from there. It is currently financed by the region’s provincial government, which has not paid morgue employees’ salaries since September.

The morgue workers resumed working Monday after morgue managers agreed to a 10-day reprieve to negotiate a solution with city health officials _ a decision Selin said came just in time.

``I had already called up the Interior Ministry to ask them to send over guards so we could start putting the bodies outside,″ he said.

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