State Senator Brewer not giving up on E-Verify legislation

August 19, 2018

LINCOLN - After last the immigration raids in Nebraska, Gordon State Senator Tom Brewer says he will again introduce legislation requiring all employers to use E-Verify. LB 165 didn’t make it out of the Judicial Committee. Senator Brewer says it is a hard committee to get any legislation out of and it was his first committee briefing and a learning experience.Senator Brewer says, “You are kind of getting fed with a fire hose on how the legislature works. If I had to do it over again I would do it different but I thought it was a bill that was very reasonable and the idea was to protect the employer.”The bill would have required employers to have identification numbers and they use the Federal Immigration Verification System – or E-Verify. Senator Brewer says, “It is free. it is online. It is quick. There is really nothing that would keep an employer from doing E-Verify unless they purposely wanted to have employees here illegally.”E-Verify is a partnership between DHS and Social Security. Senator Brewer says, “When you put them in the database and then it comes back. Just what happened up in O’Neill and Atkinson, there were unscrupulous individuals who were taking advantage of those employees there in an illegal status but they gave them false social security numbers and false names. So, if you can protect not only the individuals but the businesses, that seems exactly what we should be doing.”Senator Brewer doesn’t give up easily and says he will again introduce similar legislation in the future.

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