Dramatic video shows father and son’s escape thru Montana wildlife

September 8, 2018

A father and son’s camping outing turned into a frenzied flight from an inferno with dramatic video of the drive.

Justin Bilton, of Boston, and his father Charles were hiking and camping in Glacier National Park in Montana last weekend and aware of a wildfire, but assumed it would not disrupt their trip.

″[The wildfire] grew ... in a couple of hours,” Justin told the Boston Globe. “I told my dad, ‘I think we need to get out of here before it gets any worse.’ ”

Dramatic video of their race from the flames in their rental car captured part of the harrowing experience.

The video shows them hesitantly retracing their route out of the mountains on a road near a lake. The drive starts badly with small soldering spots along the path, but things get really hot with walls of flames on both sides.

The two can be heard worrying about their predicament.

In the video they arrive at a point where they decide that they can’t continue as the fire has become too big and worse a burning fallen tree is blocking their way.

“I saw that and I thought we were going to die,” Justin said to the Globe. “I thought we were trapped, there was no way we could turn around on the road.”

The video ends as they decide to doubleback the way they came. Justin puts the car in reverse and they eventually make it to Lake McDonald where they are luckily able to flag down people on a boat.

The wildlife, which is still burning and forcing people to leave their homes, was sparked by a lightning strike and crews have been battling it since Aug. 12.

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