LIMA, Peru (AP) _ Maoist guerrillas killed a mayor in a small town in the central Andes, blew up electric power lines and burned the hammer and sickle symbol on a hillside, police said Sunday.

Shining Path guerrillas on Saturday night seized the town of Aija, near Huaraz, 190 miles north of Lima, calling a popular assembly.

During the meeting the mayor, Eugenio Soria, 52, was given a ''popular trial'' and shot with a submachine gun, the police said.

The guerrillas also ran up a red flag with the communist hammer and sickle.

In two other communities in the Huaraz area on Saturday, the guerrillas ignited the symbol of the hammer and sickle made with cans full of oil on a hill, and they blew up two electric power lines, police said.

Since 1980, when the Shining Path began its insurgency, more than 14,000 people have been killed in this impoverished nation.