DimensionalMechanics, Inc. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Science and Machine Learning

September 25, 2018

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sept. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DimensionalMechanics, a leading developer of foundational artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, today announces they have been named a Cool Vendor in data science and machine learning by industry research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc.

According to the report, the democratization of machine learning platforms is proliferating model creation, but the need to operationalize models at scale is still a challenge. Furthermore, the burden of operationalization on data science teams will increase as model output increases, and machine learning is embedded throughout organizations.

DimensionalMechanics earned a spot in the prestigious report due to their innovative AI modeling platform NeoPulse™ Framework. With NeoPulse, organizations can build sophisticated AI models at a fraction of the time and cost compared to developing in-house solutions.

“DimensionalMechanics has built a data science platform that breaks from market traditions; where more conventional vendors have developed workflow-based or notebook-based data science environments, DimensionalMechanics has opted for a data-science metalanguage,” said Gartner Research Director Erick Brethenoux. “In effect, given the existing use cases the company has handled so far, its NeoPulse Framework 2.0 acts as an “AutoDL” (Auto-Deep Learning) platform. This makes new algorithms and approaches to unusual types of data (such as images, videos and sounds) more accessible and deployable.”

The company has a slew of customers and use cases in industries including healthcare, entertainment, finance, sales, retail, operations, and more. DimensionalMechanics also offers a JumpStart program, which helps companies develop customized solutions with insight from AI experts.

“Our mission is making AI accessible to every business and industry,” said Rajeev Dutt, CEO of DimensionalMechanics. “NeoPulse automates the process of creating custom models with as little as 14 lines of code and can unleash the power of AI for businesses, regardless of experience or resources.” NeoPulse Framework is an enterprise-ready solution that can quickly integrate into existing workflows to operationalize an organization’s AI models. The platform is easy to set up and use, from creating, deploying and querying models, to scaling up or across, providing metrics and telemetry, and advanced logging.

The platform is available in various deployment options including cloud, on-premise servers, and low power devices. DimensionalMechanics is currently targeting additional deployment options such as mobile and IoT. The company also provides on-site AI building seminars and training sessions for companies in need of guidance when starting pilot projects.

About DimensionalMechanics DimensionalMechanics aims to make artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to organizations of all sizes. The company’s NeoPulse Framework is an intuitive development and management platform for AI, which enables companies to develop and implement deep neural network and other machine learning models that can improve key performance metrics. The company’s team brings decades of experience in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence from leading companies and research organizations. For more information, please visit https://dimensionalmechanics.com.

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