School is back in session

August 24, 2018

Area students and school faculty felt excited as they returned to their classrooms last week.

“It feels nice because you get to meet new teachers and you get to be with your friends,” said Vivian Gonzalez, a seventh-grade student at Schuyler Middle School, who spent the majority of her summer hanging out with her friends, swimming and reading. “I love meeting new teachers because they are always nice.”

Students began their first day on Aug. 13, and this year’s enrollment rates exceeded expectations, district officials said. There are a total of 407 students enrolled at the middle school this school year.

Michelle Burton, principal at Schuyler Middle School, said the school year is off to a great start thanks to top-tier staff preparation and parents ensuring their children were well-prepared with sufficient supplies.

Sixth through eighth-grade students are immersing themselves in the new district-wide language art series called StudySync with was established this school year. Before the start of the school year, area teachers were looking for ways to improve their students’ learning with curriculum that could be implemented at various educational levels.

“We want to serve all of them to their full potential,” Burton said. “So this program really assists us to be able to do that. The program really focuses on giving teachers the multiple tools that they need in order to be able to meet the language needs.”

Many Schuyler students returned to campus with a variety of goals they hope to achieve by the end of year, a couple of whom are seventh-graders Alejandro Rodriguez and Jose Cruz.

Both Rodriguez and Cruz, who compete in football and cross-country, respectively, have the same goal of qualifying and competing at State this year.

“It feels great,” Rodriguez said. “I like playing football … Hopefully, we win state championships.”

In addition to their athletic goals, they both hope to excel in the classroom preparing them for the academic challenges they will inevitably face down the road.

Moving forward, Burton hopes to continue putting student growth at the forefront. She said attending both middle school and high school are important transitional period for students as they develop into community leaders.

“Our focus at Schuyler Middle School this year is doing whatever it takes to help ourselves and our kids meet their potential,” Burton said. “Helping them understand what it truly means to be respectful, responsible and develop their work ethic that is going to help our students get ahead, not just in school but after they graduate and they leave Schuyler Central High School.”

Natasya Ong is a reporter for the Schuyler Sun. Reach her via email at natasya.ong@lee.net.

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