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Travelers on Interstate 64 Become Cowhands

October 14, 1991

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) _ Some city folks got roped into being cowhands when a wayward steer got loose on busy Interstate 64 near downtown.

The steer’s owner, farmer Sam Medley, and six adventuresome volunteers tackled and roped the 600-pound steer after it had run wild for half an hour in the westbound lanes Sunday. They had to hold it down for nearly two hours.

Medley was hauling 11 head of cattle to the Bourbon Stock Yard from his Shelby County farm Sundasy afternoon when a flat tire on his trailer caused the gate to come loose. Only one steer took the opportunity to flee.

Louisville police Officer Gail Musick said the fugitive was darting in and out of the steady stream of Sunday-afternoon traffic. ″It was a mess,″ she said.

The cowhands got well-acquainted as they held the steer down while waiting for Jefferson County Animal Control employees to take it away.

Discussion turned to the plight of farmers, the cost of health insurance, Clarence Thomas and almost anything else.

″We need some beef at our house,″ joked Susan Vervilles, who, along with her husband, Lucky, was driving up the Grinstead ramp to eastbound I-64 when they saw the steer.

″It was great exercise,″ said John Mulcahy, general manager of Kentucky Kingdom amusement park, another volunteer cowhand.

Animal-control Officer Collier Todd commended the cowhands but added a note of caution: ″In a situation like this, it’s best to leave it alone. They could have gotten kicked or trampled.″

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