Joanne Shaw Taylor wanted Prince collaboration

December 26, 2018

Joanne Shaw Taylor always wanted to collaborate with Prince.

The British blues star looked up to the iconic late musician, and joked she could have missed her chance of working with the ‘Purple Rain’ hitmaker following his sad death in April 2016.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “There’s a couple of people I’d love to work with really, certainly tour with. The big one for me was always Prince, but I’ve kind of missed the boat on that one.

“There are some things that are out of my control. But I’d also eventually like to step outside my own stuff and try something different.”

Joanne is currently preparing for the release of her upcoming seventh studio album ‘Reckless Heart’ - which is set to be released by spring 2019 and will be her first since signing with Sony Music’s Silvertone imprint - and she is planning on playing a lot of new material when she heads out on her UK tour in February.

Asked if choosing which fresh songs to add to the setlist was like deciding between children, she laughed: “If I had kids, I’d probably find that answer easier! At the moment, probably ‘Reckless Heart’ and ‘The Best Thing’ [are my favorites].

“I think they were the most fun to write and they’re the most fun to sing - and also they’re a little bit different to the older stuff so it’ll be nice to have that diversity in the set.”

Joanne splits her time between the UK - where she’ll be spending the festive period with her family - and her home in Detroit, Michigan, and she was delighted to get the chance to work on the new LP in a familiar setting.

Opening up about recording in Detroit for the first time, the singer revealed she ticked a big box by working with her friend Al Sutton on the LP.

She added: “It’s the first time I’ve ever recorded in Detroit, which is where I live. I’ve wanted to work with Al Sutton - who’s a really good friend of mine - for about the past decade, so it just sort of worked out well on this album that he was free.

“It worked out well with my touring schedule, so it’s great, it’s nice to finally tick that box - and also being home every night didn’t suck for once. I could sleep in my own bed!”

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