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Plane Evacuated After Warning Light

February 25, 1989

LONDON (AP) _ A British Airways 1-11 jet aborted its takeoff in Manchester on Friday and 55 passengers were evacuated after a warning light falsely signaled a fire in the left engine, the airline said.

No one was injured, a British Airways spokesman said on condition of anonymity.

″These things do happen,″ he said. ″These systems are very, very sensitive and sometimes they (wrongly) go off.″

The incident occurred in snowy weather just after the aircraft left Manchester International Airport for Glasgow’s Abborsinch Airport at about 5:30 p.m., said the spokesman.

″During the start of the takeoff, the captain received a fire warning on the left engine, so abandoned the takeoff and evacuated the passengers,″ he said. ″There is no evidence of fire.″

Passengers slid down emergency chutes, and they were expected to board another flight to Glasgow, he said.

In 1985, 55 people died when a Boeing 737 caught fire as it was about to take off from Manchester Airport.

The 1-11 is manufactured by British Aerospace PC and can carry up to 119 passengers.

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