Automation is transforming economy -- Mark K. Allen

October 3, 2018

The Sept. 18 article in the State Journal “Machines seen dominating work by 2025” stated that automation will dominate the workplace in a few short years. That should grab everyone’s attention.

In about six years, over half the workplace jobs will be done by machines. While our attention is directed at globalization and immigrants, the real challenge we must address is the impact of technology on employment. We have already accepted that factory workers can be replaced by robots. It’s not difficult to see that truck drivers will not be needed in a world with self-driving vehicles.

It may be more difficult to imagine, but will computer programmers be needed when artificial intelligence can write programs? Tariffs and tax cuts will not bring more employment in the future. What might have worked for the last 30 years will not work for the next 30 years.

We will need a new paradigm of education, reeducation and support for employees. As we go to the polls we need young new leaders thinking about our future workforce. Where is this generation’s Jack Kennedy?

Mark K. Allen, Madison

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