America is less great

December 15, 2018

To the gentleman who compared his morals to Trumps — no contest; you win. Trump is amoral.

The evangelical Christians, by their overwhelming support of Trump, have proved to the world they are not a religion, but are a social and political movement; not about personal value but rather about conversion and control. What christian values do they exhibit? Maybe they should re-examine their morality.

Is America great again? The economy is doing well. But regulations for clean air and clean water have been cut, young people have a harder time getting financial aid for schooling, convicted men get pardoned if they support Trump, medicare and social security may be cut to pay for big tax cuts for the wealthy, hate crimes have soared, etc.

So go to Trump’s rallies and cheer loudly as he blatantly lies, belittles and mimics people; calls women pigs, dogs, stupid and horse-face; praises someone who body slams a reporter and lies about it (and gets elected); likes those who bully others; alienates friendly countries and curries favor from despot leaders. Join him as he chants “Lock her up!”

The world laughs at Trump, not with him. I think we should have rallies and wear REAM hats — Restore Ethics and Morals — and chant “Lock him up!” And Ivanka uses her private account for government business, so “Lock her up!”

America is less great.

Connie Small


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