Patrick Leyden: Motorcycle helmets are needed

January 21, 2019

Editor: I agree that many motorcycle injuries are caused by distracted idiotic car drivers, it is obvious that helmets would offer more protection to a rider regardless of who or what caused him or her to crash. From a financial perspective, many people recovering from serious traumatic brain injury require varying degrees of assistance for the remainder of their lives and it is often not the injured that pay for this ongoing care, and that care could run into millions of dollars for just one person.

I do not like wearing seatbelts and I whimpered like a baby when I was a young driver that someone was telling me what to do. I said I would take responsibility for myself if I chose not to wear one but the bottom line is that it offers me more protection and also if I was badly injured, it would not be myself taking care of my future needs but rather the readers of this letter and the rest of society who would be forced to provide for me.

Yes, society has a role in taking care of its members and this includes prevention of injury, therefore this may include passing laws that protect the individual and society. I still do not like seatbelts and if I had a motorcycle, I would not like helmet but so what! Sometimes what I like or dislike is not relevant.

Patrick Leyden


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