Chrissy Teigen plans to go ‘looking for her eyeball’

January 4, 2019

Chrissy Teigen has joked she plans to return to Times Square following her embarrassing New Year’s Eve gaffe.

The 33-year-old model suffered a painful-looking injury at the iconic landmark in New York City, where she went to give comedian Leslie Jones a celebratory hug and was accidentally poked in the eye by the tip of her umbrella.

Making light of the incident - which was captured by TV cameras - Chrissy joked on Twitter: “7am. Heading back out to time’s square to find my eyeball (sic)”

Leslie, 51 - who is a cast member and writer on ‘Saturday Night Live’ - quickly offered an apology to Chrissy via the micro-blogging platform.

She wrote: “Ugh I can’t believe I hit @chrissyteigen in face!! Lordt!! I love you boo!! So sorry!! #thatswhyihateumbrellas (sic)”

Meanwhile, Chrissy previously claimed that the internet has changed her life.

The world-famous model - who is married to musician John Legend - admitted that her use of Twitter and other social media platforms has changed the public’s perception of her.

She shared: “Guys have always come up to me since I did Sports Illustrated. But now, they all say the same thing: ‘My girlfriend loves you.’ And I couldn’t be happier.”

Chrissy also claimed that one of the keys to her relationship with John - who is one of the world’s best-selling musicians - is their contrasting personalities.

The high-profile duo have been married since 2013 and Chrissy feels that in many ways, they are the perfect foils for each other.

She explained: “He’s quieter than me, which isn’t saying much. But he’s more thoughtful, whereas I’m spur of the moment.

“I can’t hide things very well. If I feel it, you’ll see it on my face, but he’s better at covering. I was never that big into music. Still to this day, I’m very Top 40. And I’m more emotion-based than him. I can see everybody’s side of an argument.”

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