Free “Love Yourself Healthy” event to be offered in Pocatello

February 2, 2019

POCATELLO – Celebrate the month of February by “loving yourself healthy.” Learn to love yourself enough to do all that you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle - a lifestyle that encompasses more than healthy food choices and physical activity options - a lifestyle that makes time for yourself by getting necessary health screenings at the appropriate times.

Southeastern Idaho Public Health and Idaho State University are proud to host a February “Love Yourself Healthy” event. Attend this free walk-in community health screening event that will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 3 to 6 p.m. at Southeastern Idaho Public Health located at 1901 Alvin Ricken Drive in Pocatello.

Screenings and services will include: Blood Glucose Testing, A1c Testing (if applicable), Cholesterol Testing (non-fasting), Foot Checks, Medication Review, Stress Management Techniques, Blood Pressure Checks & Heart Health Information, Flu Shots, Oral Cancer Screenings, Nutritional Counseling & Healthy Eating Tips, Men’s Health Topics, Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes Resources, Mammography Services, Fitness Assessment & Exercise Education, Vision & Hearing Screenings, Mental Health Assessments, Skin Cancer Assessments & Sun Safety Information, Colorectal Cancer Support Services, Smoking Cessation Counseling and Nicotine Replacement Therapy Assistance, On-site Food Pantry and Additional Resources to Community Services.

For more information about the event, contact Traci Lambson at 208-478-6316 or visit www.siphidaho.org.

Attend this event and spread the word about strategies for loving yourself healthy and encourage people to live active, fulfilling lives.

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