Fearmongering won’t help immigration -- Jonathan Woolums

October 2, 2018

Kelly Ruh’s guest column on Sunday, ” Democrats fuel illegal immigration,” claimed without supporting evidence that “illegal immigration poses one of the greatest dangers to our democracy.”

She goes on to cite several specific example of crimes committed by “illegal immigrants” in the past decade, implying that all immigrants are potential violent criminals. Actual facts, however, show that immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes in the United States than U.S. citizens. She also claimed that immigrants cost Wisconsin hundreds of millions of dollars, without mentioning the taxes they pay and the benefits, such as Social Security, that they are ineligible for.

Her column was blatant fearmongering, as she encourages voters to support Leah Vukmir, a die-hard Donald Trump supporter, for U.S. Senate. Immigrants contribute disproportionately to our economy. The solution to illegal immigration is more legal immigration, not lies, fearmongering and walls.

Jonathan Woolums, Verona

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