Boeing B-17 ‘Madras Maiden’ bomber coming to Allegheny County Airport

August 3, 2018

Fresh off the heels of the Westmoreland County Air Show, officials from the Liberty Foundation’s 2018 Salute to Veterans tour will bring a famous World-War-II-era bomber to the Allegheny County Airport in West Mifflin.

The “Madras Maiden” Boeing B-17 bomber will be at the airport for public flights and tours Aug. 11 and 12, typically making regular flights between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Flights can be reserved for $450 by calling 918-340-0243.

The B-17, dubbed the “Flying Fortress” as a result of the plane’s defensive firepower, underwent a number of improvements over its 10-year production run, according to Liberty Foundation officials.

B-17 models ranged from the YB-17 to the B-17G model. One of the plane’s most recognizable features is a glass nose in the cockpit.

Throughout the war, the B-17 was refined and improved as the combat experience showed the Boeing designers where improvements could be made. The final B-17 production model, the B-17G, was produced in larger quantities (8,680) than any previous model and is considered the definitive “Flying Fortress.”

During WWII, the B-17 saw service in every theater of operation, but was operated primarily by the 8th Air Force in Europe and participated in countless missions from bases in England.

B-17′s were used in Korea, Israel used them in the war of 1948 and they were even used during Vietnam.

Today, fewer than 100 B-17 airframes exist and fewer still are in airworthy condition, according to the foundation.

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