BILBOROUGH, England (AP) _ A 13-year-old schoolgirl has been assigned an on-call teacher and is being allowed to carry a mobile phone after a year of bullying by female classmates.

But Glaisdale Comprehensive school in central England conceded that Amie Salmon's alleged tormenters _ a gang of up to eight girls _ have not been disciplined.

``We are obviously taking a very sympathetic line with her while we investigate any allegations against other pupils,'' head teacher Tim Moralee said Thursday.

He said Amie left school Thursday after allegedly being approached by one of the girls.

In an interview published Wednesday in the Nottingham Evening Post, Amie was quoted as saying the bullies ``hit me and because I'm small they call me anorexic and make fun of me. It was happening every day and I started to dread going to school in the morning. .... There are some days when I wanted to be dead.''

Paul and Michell Salmon said they were called to the school after their daughter was punched in the face by another girl.

They met with school officials six times in the past year after their daughter repeatedly came home in tears, the girl's father said.

``There's not a lot the school can do to stop bullying, but it's absolutely ridiculous that we have to resort to this,'' he said. ``Her teacher is having to be like a bodyguard for her.''

Amie has been given permission to arrive at school at different times than her classmates and is allowed to carry a mobile phone, normally a violation of school policy. She eats alone, takes separate lessons and is accompanied to the lavatory by her designated teacher.

Moralee said school officials hoped their actions would reassure Amie while they investigated the bullies' behavior.