Ultramarathon runner returns home on cross-country journey

September 20, 2018

NORFOLK - An ultramarathon runner returned home for a stop during his transcontinental run across the U.S. Tuesday

Phil McCarthy, originally of Norfolk and a Norfolk Catholic graduate, who now lives in New York City arrived at his alma mater with the Norfolk Catholic cross country team by his side.

McCarthy has been on the run – literally - for the past 29 days. His journey began at City Hall in San Francisco and will finish at City Hall in New York City.

He tells News Talk WJAG he just recently finished going about 130 miles nonstop.

He says he feels good physically, and the hardest part is over.

“There is a lot of empty space in Nevada and Wyoming. You can go 100 miles between towns and the towns would be like 20 people. That’s hard to deal with mentally” McCarthy said.

“Once we got to Casper Wyoming we started getting to towns on a regular basis. It’s nice to be home because it sort of gives you that adrenaline rush, and the places are familiar.” McCarthy added.

He says long runs are nothing new to him.

“I’ve been running 24 hour races, 48 hour races, multi-day races for fifteen years. When you run all night you just get used to it and I never take anything for granted it’s always serious stuff but you learn to be accustomed to it” McCarthy explained.

McCarthy is on a mission to break the Guinness Book of World Records’ time for a transcontinental run of the United States, however he doesn’t think he’ll make it in time so his goal is to just finish as fast as he can.

You can track Mccarthy online at: MccarthyRunningExperience.Com.

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