Three Times Lucky

August 24, 2018

A woman in Maryland may be the actual Lady Luck.

Felicia Wade won $11,730.80 on a virtual horse racing game last week, but that isn’t the first time the Maryland woman won big bucks this month, Maryland Lottery officials report.

When she played the same game a few days later, she won an additional $2,000. But, that’s not all. At the end of July, Wade pocketed a whopping $60,000 in a Pick 4 combination game using the number 1-0-1-7.

“I was just feeling lucky. I just study the board and pick four numbers,” Wade said in an interview with Maryland Lottery.

Wade said she plans to share her earnings with her son despite the fact that she was skeptical about lottery games before her month of winnings.

“I never believed before,” she said, “and then a clerk checked my ticket.” The rest is history.

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