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AM-Prep: Kickers

November 29, 2018


LAKE PRESTON, Australia (AP) — It’s one thing for a cow to be fattened up for slaughter. But this got way out of hand. The internet is abuzz with talk about Knickers — a black-and-white Holstein that has literally gotten too big to be beef. Photos posted online show Knickers standing head and shoulders above the herd of cattle he hangs with in Lake Preston, Australia. And there is a pretty good chance he will get to hang out with that herd for a while — and outlive it. Instead of being divvied up into steaks and burgers, Knickers has been deemed to be too big for the slaughterhouse — and will live out its days in fields southwest of Perth, Australia.


DUBLIN (AP) — It was a death in the soccer world that led to a game being postponed and all teams in an Irish league holding a minute of silence. Only problem was — there was no death. The amateur team — Ballybrack FC — is apologizing for what it calls a “gross error of judgment” after falsely reporting that one of its players had died last week. At first, the team reported that Fernando Nuno La Fuente was killed in a traffic accident. But now the team says La Fuente is, in fact, still alive. It blames the false death report on a person linked to the team who “has been experiencing severe personal difficulties.” The team is offering its “sincerest apologies for any distress” caused by the bogus report.


OSSINING, N.Y. (AP) — Heard about the chicken whose goose was nearly cooked — after being trapped in a fire? It happened in Ossining, New York — where a shed caught fire over the weekend. Body cam video released by the Ossining police department shows one of its officers responding to the blaze. He removed some propane tanks from the shed — when he happened upon the chicken. The video shows the bird clucking as the officer carries it to safety. While the officer is certainly a hero, he has been getting some clucking and ribbing from fellow members of the force. The department posted on Facebook that if you ever want to get a hard time from co-workers, “be a hero...to a chicken.”

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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