Baldwin is for us, not corporations -- Allegra Zick

September 25, 2018

State Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, who is challenging U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, in November, was a former national chairperson of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

This is an organization that pairs corporations with state legislators to draft and distribute model bills for legislatures across the country. These bills have diverted public funds to private schools, restricted voting rights, devastated labor unions and environmental regulations, and prevented Medicaid expansion. Major donors are Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, and pharmaceutical companies.

As a state senator, Vukmir was deeply involved in legislating for ALEC and assisting Gov. Scott Walker in his “divide and conquer” agenda, and restricting voter ID, a law that cemented Republican power.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mobs.” Remember this in November and vote for Sen. Baldwin. She is for you and not big corporations.

Allegra Zick, North Freedom

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