Let the dead rest or send them home -- Thomas Miller

August 31, 2018

I concur with Wednesday’s State Journal editorial, ” Commission right to keep monument,” supporting the Madison Landmarks Commission decision to keep the Confederate monument in Forest Hill Cemetery. The ball is back in the Madison City Council’s court to accept or reject the Landmarks Commission recommendation.

The righteous do-gooders on the City Council can still overrule the Landmarks Commission and have the monument removed. But if the City Council does reject the Commission’s decision, then in my opinion there is only one fair thing left to do. Exhume the remains the dead Confederate soldiers and return them to their homes.

Ask yourself this question: If you are from, for example South Carolina, and your great-grandfather is buried in a Madison cemetery, wouldn’t you want him returned? We value American war dead, even if we don’t support the war. I hope the do-gooders will do the right thing. Let these soldiers lie in peace or send them home.

Thomas Miller, Madison

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