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BC-SD--South Dakota Weekend Exchange Digest, SD

March 18, 2019

Here are the South Dakota AP Member Exchange Features for March 23-25:



VERMILLION, S.D. _ Two sisters have played together on the University of South Dakota’s women’s basketball team. Allison Arens and Bridget Arens played together for two seasons with the Coyotes. The Arens sisters have made the most of their final season together. Allison will graduate as one of only three players in program history with over 1,300 points, 500 rebounds and 300 assists for her career. Monica has emerged as one of the team’s key players off the bench, averaging 6.5 points and 4 rebounds. By Brian Haenchen, Argus Leader. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1022 words, photos.


SUMMERSET, S.D. _ A South Dakota artist is designing retro-futuristic guitars. A professional illustrator of more than 40 years, John Backlund has been designing electric guitars for roughly the past 10. Most look classically automotive, sporting pastel colors and bearing shiny, steel inlays. The first few models are unique in their winged shape, but recent ones take their cues from more recognizable body styles: the figure-eight form of the Rockerbox, the newest model, calls to the Gibson Les Paul to mind. By Matthew Guerry, Rapid City Journal. SENT IN ADVANCE: 838 words, photos.



EAGLE BUTTE, S.D. _ A cake decorator in South Dakota is creating Native American designs. When Leah Red Bird put her decorating tip to an ice cream cake nearly three years ago, she had no idea what was about to happen. But as each colorful diamond met the next, her star quilt design took shape. Rave reviews followed. By Victoria Lusk, Aberdeen American News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 412 words.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. _ A university in Sioux Falls is reviving a teaching program after a 20-year hold to help put a dent in the nationwide special education teaching shortage. Augustana University will be launching an online-only master’s of arts and special education program this fall, in hopes of giving more teachers access to proper certifications, said Laurie Daily, chairwoman of the university’s education department. By Shelly Conlon, Argus Leader. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1053 words photos.