Cameron County Elections Department holding hearing on 20 uncounted ballots

November 14, 2018

Cameron County Elections Administrator Remi Garza has called a recount to re-tabulate unprocessed ballots from Del Castillo and Garden Park elementary schools.

“It appears that when the IT personnel unjammed the machine, he removed the unprocessed ballot from the emergency ballot box and placed them in the blue ballot transfer box without processing them through the precinct counter,” Garza said in an email. “In order to provide an accurate count we have petitioned the court to allow us to break the seal and re-tabulate the precinct to be included in the canvass.”

The impacted races include the general election and the Brownsville Independent School District and the South Texas Independent School District elections.

“It appears in total that there were approximately 20 ballots form PCT 62 that were not counted on election night and only affect the General Election, BISD and the other four ballots could be from the General Election, BISD and/or STISD,” Garza wrote. “The action is taken at the suggestion of the Secretary of State’s Office.”

The emergency hearing is at 1 p.m. in the 197th state District Court, Garza said.

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