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London Police Recruit Minorities

March 9, 1999

LONDON (AP) _ London’s Metropolitan Police, still stinging from a report criticizing it as racist, will offer partial college scholarships in an effort to recruit more black and Asian officers.

As many as 70 students can qualify for grants available in their last two years of college with hopes they will join the force after they graduate, Police Commissioner Paul Condon said Tuesday.

The move is part of a new minority recruitment drive after last month’s devastating government report denouncing police as fundamentally racist for their handling of the investigation into the murder of a black teen-ager by white youths in 1993.

Condon said he wants to see the force eventually reflect London’s 20 percent minority population. He said his first target was to add 80 minority officers during the next year.

Currently, Asians comprise about 1 percent of the department’s 26,900 employees, while blacks make up about 8 percent.

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