CARROLLTON, Miss. (AP) — Law officers have broken up a moonshine operation in the Mississippi Delta.

The bust happened Wednesday at a home in Carroll County, the Greenwood Commonwealth reported.

Officers from the sheriff's department and the state Department of Revenue found 840 gallons (3,180 liters) of fermenting corn mash and at least 38 gallons (144 liters) of moonshine whiskey. They also found a sugar, cracked corn, copper condensing coils, a steel cooker and a 21-barrel still.

Adrien Jameel Pickens, 42, was charged with felony possession of an illicit distillery and possession of moonshine, Sheriff Clint Walker said. Pickens was released from jail without bail, and Walker said Thursday that he did not know whether Pickens is represented by an attorney.

This was at least the second moonshine bust in Mississippi this month. Agents broke up a large operation Sept. 4 in the coastal community of Kiln.


Information from: The Greenwood Commonwealth,