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List of Other DC-10 Crashes With PM-DC-10 Crash, Bjt

July 21, 1989

Undated (AP) _ Here is a list of other major plane crashes involving the McDonnell- Dougla s DC-10:

March 3, 1974 - A Turkish Airlines DC-10 crashes near Paris, killing all 346 people aboard, after a rear cargo door blows out.

The loss of the door led to decompression that buckled the floor of the passenger cabin, which, in turn, severed hydraulic lines essential to taking off, steering and landing.

The crash was blamed on faulty cargo door design, which was eventually altered after the crash and other non-fatal incidents of door blowouts. Also, as a result of the crash, floors in wide-bodied jets were strengthened and hydraulic lines rerouted.

May 25, 1979 - In the United States’ worst air disaster, an American Airlines DC-10 crashes near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, killing 273 people. The airliner had just taken off when the engine on its left wing tore away. The plane rolled into a severe left bank and nosed over into the ground.

Investigators said faulty maintenance caused the engine to come loose and somersault over the wing, taking with it essential hydraulic lines and control cables.

The final accident report found the crash was caused primarily by mistakes made by American Airlines maintenance crews but also cited McDonnell-Douglas for defects in the design that made the plane vulnerable to such damage.

Oct. 31, 1979 - A Western airlines DC-10 crashes at the fog-shrouded Mexico City airport, killing 71 of the 88 people aboard and three people on the ground. The plane mistakenly landed on a runway closed for repairs, struck a parked dump truck and careened into two buildings.

Nov. 28, 1979 - An Air New Zealand DC-10 loaded with South Pole tourists crashes into Mount Erebus in Antarctica, killing all 257 people aboard. The plane apparently crashed as a result of a navigational error while on a low- altitude swing past the volcano as part of a round-trip sightseeing flight to the bottom of the world and back.

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