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December 29, 1987

VAN NUYS, Calif. (AP) _ ″What place is this anyway?″ quipped Bob Hope as he returned from his 31st around-the-world Christmas tour to entertain American armed forces.

More than 25,000 service personnel saw the Hope shows featuring Connie Stevens, Barbara Eden, Miss USA Michele Royer, country singer Lee Greenwood and eight Super Bowl cheerleaders.

″To see 700 boys at Communion and lighting candles for their families, well I learned what Christmas was all about,″ said Miss Stevens.

Hope’s 76-member troupe performed aboard U.S. ships in the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

The 84-year-old Hope, clutching his golf club as he got off a military jet Monday at the Air National Guard base in this Los Angeles suburb, got into a car driven by his wife, Dolores, and returned to his Toluca Lake home.

Spokesman Ken Kanter said the comedian drove golf balls from the deck of the Midway toward the battleship Iowa more than a mile away in what Hope called the world’s longest water hole. Sailors warned him to watch out for Iran, calling it the world’s largest sand trap, Kanter said.

The tour was filmed for a special to be broadcast Jan. 9 on NBC.


RADNOR, Pa. (AP) - Lesley Stahl, Sam Donaldson and other interviewers on television’s Sunday morning political talk shows avoid bias by hitting all their guests with tough questions, a TV Guide analysis concluded.

The magazine, after examining 15 weeks of CBS’ ″Face the Nation,″ ABC’s ″This Week With David Brinkley″ and NBC’s ″Meet the Press,″ said the interviewers fulfilled their mission as watchdogs.

″Not lap dogs, not attack dogs, but watchdogs,″ staff writer Roderick Townley wrote in next week’s issue.

Ms. Stahl’s questions ranged from ″sharp to stinging,″ regardless of the target, the magazine said. ″Essentially, she’ll shoot anything that moves, on the left or on the right.″

Of the questioners, Ms. Stahl seems the toughest, perhaps because she is the only host to handle the interviewing alone or because some viewers don’t like aggressive women, the magazine said.

″Sam Donaldson asking the same questions might be perceived as just doing his job,″ it said.

Brinkley tends to play the gentlemanly ″good cop,″ while Chris Wallace on ″Meet the Press″ often lets guest panelists do the grilling, it said.


HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Actress Myrna Loy’s latest role won’t require much preparation on her part.

The Helena native has consented to have a performing arts center here named after her, project co-chairman Steve Browning said. The Helena Film Society plans to renovate the old Lewis and Clark County jail into a theater.

″She was thrilled by the idea of the jail and quite complimented,″ said Browning, who, with Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., visited Miss Loy in her New York City penthouse in October.

″You could tell she was a movie star,″ Browning recalled recently. ″Yet, she has a really refreshing quality of being absolutely frank. She’s very much a product of growing up on a ranch in a non-affluent family in Montana.″

Browning said he assured Miss Loy she would not have any obligations beyond lending her name, and possibly allowing establishment of a Myrna Loy museum inside the new center. Miss Loy, 82, suffers some health problems, and her doctors have warned her against new responsibilities, Browning said.

Miss Loy got her start on the silent screen in 1925, playing vampish, exotic roles, and moved on to romantic leads in her 30s and 40s. She played opposite William Powell in the ″Thin Man″ series of films from the 1930s, and has shared the screen with Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant and, later, Paul Newman - as his mother.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - A missing piece of terrazzo near the star honoring ″Highway to Heaven″ actor Michael Landon on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is part of a bigger problem, custodians say.

Some of the 1,852 entertainers whose names line Hollywood’s sidewalks are helping raise money for a project to survey and repair such damage, Bill Welsh, president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said Monday.

Nearly 200 of the stars have authorized use of their names, autographs or images of their sidewalk stars on licensed memorabilia, Welsh said. ″We’re beginning to accumulate some funds.″ He declined to be specific.

The major damage to the walk is done by vehicles at parking lot entrances, Welsh said.


PITTSBURGH (AP) - Mayor Richard Caliguiri has been taken off a heart monitor that had been assessing the performance of a pacemaker implanted last week, hospital officials said.

Caliguiri, 56, remains in stable considition and good spirits, and probably will be sent home this week, Shadyside Hospital spokeswoman Sarah Oates said Monday.

Caliguiri, who arrived at the hospital Wednesday after experiencing lightheadedness, suffered an irregular heartbeat as a result of the incurable, usually fatal disease amyloidosis, doctors said.

Caliguiri announced in October that he was suffering from amyloidosis, which attacks vital body tissues and organs.

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