State police warn Black Friday shoppers to be alert

November 23, 2018

With Black Friday just hours away, Connecticut State Police urged residents to be aware and to report any suspicious behavior.

State police said shoppers need to be aware of their surroundings.

“People are packed into tight spaces on Black Friday,” the agency said. “Be aware of people who are too close, they may be pickpocketing.”

Shoppers can deter pickpockets by carrying their purse close to their body, or keeping their wallet inside a coat or front pocket.

Criminals look for easy targets, state police said, so shoppers shouldn’t buy more than they can easily carry.

“Don’t leave packages visible in your car,” state police said. “Lock them in the trunk, or if possible, take them directly home.”

When it comes to credit cards, shoppers should only carry one or two cards, making it easier to cancel should a card get lost or stolen. When possible, shoppers should swipe their own card and always keep it in their sight.

When using a keypad, shoppers should be sure to cover the keypad so no lingering eyes get a glimpse of the PIN numbers.

“ID theft is higher during the holiday season,” state police said. “Save all receipts from your purchase so that you can prove what you purchased and what you didn’t.”

Any suspicious behavior should be reported to the store and local law enforcement.

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