Washington Legislature considers hunter pink

January 28, 2019

A bill that would allow hunters to wear pink, in addition to orange, had a hearing last week in Olympia.

Senate Bill 5148 would require hunters to wear 400 square centimeters of either fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink.

The bill had a hearing in the Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks committee. It’s passed from that committee to the Senate’s rule committee.

Other states that allow hunters to wear pink are Wisconsin, Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Virginia, Wyoming and Illinois.

These bills have garnered some pushback from women and organizations saying it’s stereotyping and demeaning.

Some studies have have shown that pink is just as visible, and in some cases more visible, than blaze orange.

Matt Mimnaugh, a board member of the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council and the chairman of the big game committee, hasn’t closely examined the bill, but he supports the idea.

“I think anything that gets people out in the woods and interested in hunting and the outdoors is good,” he said. “I’m all for it if it gets them interested. I think it’s great.”

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